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Mister Twister SW Piranha Electric Knife Review

piranha electric fillet knife review

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We must admit we were very interested in a culinary tool that it named after a delightfully campy 1972 horror movie, and so we dove in and took a look right away. This electric knife has a 9′ blade that fillets fish pretty quickly with ease, and is designed with the much tougher skins and scales of freshwater fish in mind.

When you get out on the ocean, you really are in a different place altogether for fishing. The fish you are going after in saltwater tend to have less saline body fluids, as there is pressure in the ecosystem for water to move from sides with less saline to sides with more.

Mister Twister Electric Fillet Knife Review

One thing that we have learned from doing many product reviews is that when it comes to fishing and the great outdoors, most would rather spend more time actually fishing then cleaning the goods that they have caught. This is a product name that was introduced 30 years ago, and has a reputation for being designed by those that know quite a bit about fishing. Let’s get started with our Mister Twister Electric Fillet Knife Review.

Rapala Electric Fillet Knife Review

This is a fairly low-priced Fillet knife that can plug into any 110v wall socket and quickly get to work; and the motor is nice and quiet so you can hear the conversation in the kitchen instead of just the cutting. Many who have purchased knives like this have truly appreciated how they upped their fish-slicing game, and made the preparation at home or the campsite so much easier. We’d like to analyze this brand a little more in depth so let’s get started with our Rapala electric fillet knife review.