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Within the realm of food, there are many items that the advent of that good old electric current really helps with! Coffeemakers, bowl scrapers, and speed hand mixers are just a few of the offerings that are out there that use power to make things easier for you, I've even heard of chefs using Drones for photography in the kitchen!. Some of the things out there are so mass-produced that they may not be up to par, and it's another reason for us to check out their specs closely.

Some of the best advents to the dedicated chef have been items like digital rice cookers, griddles, toasters, and waffle makers; even as you improve your cooking skills, they are reliable standbys to do just one important segment of the job. We'll guide you through some of the many choices out there, so when it comes time for your next soiree or company gathering, you'll have the great gadgets to assist you in style.

Items such as Crock-Pots always conjure up pleasant images for us, since we know that after a day of simmering, something incredibly tasty this way comes. Products such as Foreman Grills and microwave ovens are forms of sacrilege to some who work in kitchens frequently, but are rites of passages for some, and we'll take a look at items like this as well as slow cookers and processors that will gear up your guise and prep means for a great meal.

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Welcome everyone to my new site!

My name is Damien Adley and I’m a chef in Omaha, Nebraska. We may not be the food capital of the world but there is certainly a lot to be said for living in the heartland!

StarveFood is going to be the heartbeat of my passion for food. I’ll be writing a ton of great information on the blog and updating it constantly. Some of the types of content I’ll be writing about include product reviews, gear guides, great recipes, vegan and vegetarian food production, how to guides and more. I might even write a little bit about how I recently made soap!

Cooking and baking have long been my passion and my choice of study as well. As a professional chef I hope to spread my knowledge of food and culinary techniques to anyone who wishes to read.

The clanking of silverware, the folks that are peeling potatoes or stirring simmering sauces, and the end of the day’s mulling over what to order next are all vital elements of running a commercial kitchen, and they are no small feat.

Becoming engrossed head-first with all of the fine ways that food can make you feel, I wanted to share doses of my personal experience, and pass on knowledge that many need when first starting out. Been cooking for decades? Excellent! Stick around and check out how we expand on age-old ideas that collide perfectly with new ones.

I’m looking forward to hearing comments from readers, answering any questions about being a chef, cooking or food and spending time with anyone who is interested in the culinary artform!

Join me as I blog my way through the world of cooking, kitchen products and amazing food!